About Us

Wandering Lava is an art & sculpture collective of 3 inspired women. 

We create unique art pieces with molten metals, reclaimed hardwoods, acrylics, resin and  our favorite power tools!

Heidi Yee

Heidi was born and raised in Hawaii, that sensibility runs deep.  She credits Megan as her artistic inspiration. What makes Heidi’s work original?

She is a self-proclaimed color junkie, constantly experimenting with pigment to evoke different emotions. “Being surrounded by color puts me in my happy place.”

Megan McMurdie

Megan has been painting for over 17 years. She has painted many landmarks, temples, landscapes, and wildlife. What makes Megan’s work original?

Depth. Character. Texture.

Megan builds up texture onto her hand-made canvases before applying paint. Her creations appear to jump off the canvas, capture the light, and come to life.

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