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I'm a data-driven, digital and social marketer blending analytics, creativity and a healthy dose of intuition.
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Marketing Strategy 

Social Marketing
Content Marketing  
Brand & Product Management

Lead Generation

International Marketing 

Agile Marketing (A4M)

Digital/Social Marketing

Marketing Automation
Sales Enablement

Channel Management

Professionally, I am a pragmatic marketer: Results-oriented with vast experience driving digital, social and marketing strategy that contributes to the bottom line. 

However, at my core, I am a creative spirit. I mix a bit of this into everything I do.  It may seem like a paradox, but in my case, it's proven to be the secret sauce of success.

HOW I work

Pragmatic: Keep it simple; build on your learnings.

Fearless: Experimentation & calculated risks move the ball forward.

Customer-centric: Good customer experience = good business.

Execution-focused: Rubber has to meet the road. Get it done!

Leadership: Collaboration, teamwork, and light-hearted.


2016 - Present 

Social Marketing Strategist


VP of Marketing

LizardTech (B2B / GOV technology)

Responsible for Marketing Strategy, brand management, demand generation, and social outreach for a  portfolio of geospatial software solutions. 

Industry focus: Federal, State and International Government


VP Corporate Marketing

Extensis (software and SaaS)

Built corporate communications strategy to support corporate goals. 

Managed a killer team of specialist covering all Marketing Communications functions,including media,  analyst and Investor relations.


VP of Marketing

Extensis (software and SaaS)

Oversee marketing strategy, brand development, product marketing and channel sales.

Manage a stellar team of marketing gurus and geeks who believe in the magic of Pragmatic Marketing and analytics


Director of Corporate Marketing

Extensis (software; B2B, B2C)

Oversight of corporate branding, internal creative teams, product awareness, corporate communication and lead generation.


Direct Marketing Manager

Extensis (software; B2B, B2C)

Responsible for all direct marketing strategy, creative and list building activities for the purpose of building a robust ecommerce channel.


International Marketing Manager

Hannah Andersson (retail; ecommerce)

Managed brand expansion into the Japanese market including joint partnerships, Point-of-Sale (POS) and retail design/execution. Japanese market business grew over 300% during my tenure.

Lexafy (Marketing Collective)

Manage client services and deliver on B2B and B2C strategy.  I have brought together a collective of specialists to execute on social, content and digital marketing.  And I get my hands dirty. I've done many marketing functions, but execution is where the rubber meets the road. That's what I thrive on.

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I know. I don’t like forms either.

But it’s either this or I get spammed with never-ending pleas from a Nigerian Prince, and I don’t know that guy!

Gotcha! Message on the way. Talk soon.

What people say about me:

"Amanda has a deep understanding of how to create top notch product and corporate brands and combines this with aggressive execution."  

 - K. Hurst, VP Mobile Products, ebay

"Very impressed with how quickly Amanda mobilizes her team, all done with a very calm, cool approach to her work." 

- M. Stein, CMO & Head of Product, G5

"She is a master at bringing out the best in her team."

- J. Bednarski, direct report, Lizardtech


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